Responding to the need to integrate community and Veteran Affairs resources, the United States Department of Veterans Affairs has commissioned a MyVA Communities Board for the Portland VA Health Care System with the goal of expanding resources, options and opportunities for military veterans and their families.

MyVA Cascadia is an independent board which is dedicated to developing meaningful resource partnerships with established community organizations, leaders and programs focused on meeting the needs of the diverse veteran population and their families in the VA Portland Health Care System catchment area. The Portland VA Health Care System catchment area is the largest in Oregon and includes SW Washington, the Portland Metro area, the coast from Astoria to Newport, south to Corvallis/Philomath, and east to Central Oregon.

MyVA Communities is one leg of a larger VA transformation plan aimed at putting the veteran first and allowing veterans to drive VA priorities instead of those priorities being developed in Washington, DC. MyVA Communities are planned for every state in the country.

For further information about My VA Communities, please visit: http://www.va.gov/icbc/myVA.asp

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. I am interested in knowing when your next public forum is scheduled.


    • Hi Chuck,

      Sorry for the delay in getting back with you! We’re planning one in Vancouver next, but summer has been difficult as a lot of our folks are gone. We also have new directors coming in to the Portland VA Regional Office and the Portland VA Health Care System. I’m waiting until these guys are on board to plan a meeting to figure it all out. Both will be in Portland by August. My thought is stay tuned to our FB page (www.facebook/myvacascadia) where we’ll announce the next town hall! Thanks for the note!


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