Dr. Todd Burnett, Director of Behavioral Health for the Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA) Veterans Integrated Service Network (VISN 20) has been named Acting Director of the VA Portland Health Care System; the appointment is effective March 21, 2016. Dr. Burnett replaces Joanne Krumberger, who has held the post since May 2014. Ms. Krumberger is being detailed to VISN 20, where she will assist in critical strategic planning and systems redesign efforts.

As an experienced clinical psychologist, Dr. Burnett brings exceptional skills and experience to the new position. Ms. Krumberger has been employed by VA for the past 37 years, where she began her career at VA as a staff nurse, where she worked in a myriad of positions including critical and intensive care.

Having worked with Director Krumberger for the past several months, the MyVA Cascadia Board wishes her nothing but success and joy as she moves forward to the VISN. Director Krumberger has been a driving force behind MyVA Cascadia and her efforts are not only appreciated but will be the foundation for all the work this board does well into the future.